Summer Update

Some poetry dispatches from the incessant humidity of southwestern Ontario:

FullSizeRenderMy poem “The Flood of ’37” won PRISM international‘s 2016 Poetry Contest, judged by Kayla Czaga. You can find the poem in this summer’s issue as well as an interview I did with Shaun Robinson up on the website. I’m also delighted to have three poems in the current issue of Grain, guest edited by Elizabeth Phillips. Much gratitude to the editors of both journals!

I also wanted to share my good friend Andy Verboom’s recent chapbook, Tower, which came out this month from Anstruther Press. It’s gorgeously designed and produced, and the writing is electric, zip-lining the reader back and forth between forms and genres, Canada and New Zealand.

While I’m on the topic of recommendations and crossing borders, I was finally able to read The Essential Daryl Hine selected and introduced by James Pollock (published in 2015 by The Porcupine’s Quill). Hine was Canadian-born but spent most of his life in the U.S., and in addition to writing his own poetry, served as the editor of Poetry in the 1970s. I’ve wanted to dig into Hine’s work for a long time but found his oeuvre quite intimidating. Pollock’s introduction and brief biography of Hine provide an excellent guide. I think my favourite selection is the sonnet sequence “Arrondissements” from 1978’s Daylight Savings, where Hine takes the reader on a tour of Paris in “a catalogue of incandescent moments,” but there are many gems, including “The Trout,” which you can read on the publisher’s website.


2 thoughts on “Summer Update

  1. I just read your three poems in The Fiddlehead #270 and really liked them, their down-to-earth economy and honesty and their syncopation of the narrative. So, this is a fan letter of sorts, lots of admiration and a smear of envy. Since I could paper a small den with rejection slips for poems sent to The Fiddlehead, I’m only slightly placated that they did publish my story “The Cub Master” a few years back.
    I look forward to finding more of your work.
    Regards, Michael Dunwoody.


    • Hi Michael, Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, and for the kind words on my poems. I was thrilled to publish in The Fiddlehead. I have my own still-growing pile of rejection slips from all over so I know the feeling. Thanks again, and I look forward to finding your work, too. Cheers, Kevin


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